A regular at his home club The Comedy Mix, Kyle has appeared at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival, on XM Sirius Satellite Radio, was twice featured on the T.V. show “Talent Time” (2010 & 2012) and has performed all over the world…of warcraft.

A nerd in a slacker’s body, Kyle captivates audiences with his unique voice, engaging personal stories and hilarious commentary. Kyle continues to make a name for himself throughout Canada with his blend of raw confession and comic observation. He also grows one heck of a moustache (it’s a blessing and a curse).


May 30th – June 1st – I’m performing at the Comedy Mix with Dana Gould!  Pretty stoked about it. for tickets

June 3rd - The showcase for my stand up workshop at Havana Theatre.  Watching my precious babies (students) as they perform their showcase sets.  9pm at the Havana.

June 6th - Doing a show at Comedy Waste in Vancouver.

June 20th – Ivan Decker and I are starting a show at the Kozmik Zoo called Funonymous!  Come watch some of the best comics in town get pushed outside their comfort zone.  Every audience member will submit an anonymous note to the bowl of thoughts (example: “I have a friend that never wears deodorant”) .  Each comedian who takes the stage will perform some of their stand up, and they’ll fish into the bowl of thoughts for inspiration.  We walk the line between stand up and improv, won’t you join us?  9 pm at the Kozmik Zoo



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